Everyone knows it’s best to have a regular health checkup.  It sets your mind at ease or catches issues early before they become problems.  The same can be said for your business, not everything is as it seems and regular check ups or appraisals can provide you many benefits.  It can confirm that your hard work is paying off and that you are on track to your business goals.  It may also uncover issues with the metrics that underpin your future success, perhaps your member yield or employment metrics are off and it’s affecting your profitability.

Along with financial metrics it’s also important to take into account your lease agreement, staffing, profile within your local business network, your level of competition and other tangible but non numeric metrics that can make both positive and negative impacts on the value of your business.

Many of our clients want to think objectively about their business but they are too “in” their business to let that happen.  This is where employing FBS can help, we are an impartial support network that will give you a clear and unbiased view of your business and most importantly highlight areas of focus.

To find out more about how a business appraisal can help your business contact us at info@fitness-business-sales.com.au