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Aussie indoor cycling brand Infinite Cycle plans 20 studios for 2021 as the fitness chain ramps up its expansion.

Damien Bain, the brand’s chief operations officer said the business has catapulted from three to 12 studios signed up in a matter of four months.

There are 12 territories sold, and three open: one in ACT, and two in New South Wales. Melbourne opens in May, in June there will be two in New South Wales and a studio in Brisbane. 

“We aim to open another 15 by the end of 2022. We’re also looking to New Zealand and Singapore,” said Bain.

“Boutiques have taken off as a franchise, the industry is flooded with functional players. Cycling indoor and spin five years ago was booming in clubs, now it’s coming back. But this is not a cycle class, it’s an experience,” Bain told Inside Franchise Business Executive.

Indoor cycling has grown in popularity over the past 12 months everyone has their own bike, they’re physically distanced in the studio and the bikes are easy to sanitise.

Bain said the offer is distinct in the market for a number of reasons, from the use of a avatars to high tech bikes from the US.

“The bikes we use are different. They allow your joints freedom, so that unnatural stress isn’t placed on your body. They’re responsive – meaning they tilt 22 degrees each way – which helps you to burn 20 per cent more calories compared to a regular stationary bike.

“Additionally, the technology we use enables you to track your progress in real time during a class, with a summary delivered directly to your phone. These and so many other reasons are why the indoor cycling experience is rapidly growing in Australia.”

Infinite Cycle’s workout options include core stability, and the program caters for rhythm, zumba and dance music, as well peloton and endurance sessions.

“The digitally-enhanced experience is the only indoor cycle that has personal avatars on the screens, so participants can see themselves riding in a virtual world in real time.

“And with the newly refined systems and processes that we’ve recently integrated, it’s probable that our franchisees will be running cash flow positive studios within their first couple of months in operation.”Former Sydney Swans player Alex Johnson is a franchisee | Inside Franchise Business Executive

Former Sydney Swans player Alex Johnson is a franchisee | Inside Franchise Business Executive

Already on board is former Sydney Swans Player, Alex Johnson.

“Health and fitness has been a massive part of my life, through professional sport. The number one thing is the cycling. I grew up doing a bit and was forced to do more as I was injured, and I was trying to get fit that way. It’s appealing to everyone of all ages and anyone can get a fair bit out of it.”

Alex bought into the business at the end of 2020 and is gearing up to get his business off the ground as a hands-on operator with neighbouring territories in south east Melbourne: Armadale and Brighton.

“I want to get into the sporting niche market, and become the go-to for clubs for pre-season and in-season. We have young mums in Armadale, and it’s on a train line so there’s easy access for commuters.”

High foot traffic sites, or ‘Instagrammable’ light industrial sites work best for the studios, with month by month or 3-montly membership garnered through traditional marketing methods such as flyers and street banners, as well as social, said Bain.

“You don’t need a lock-in if people are enjoying themselves,” he said.

This article has been updated to correct 20 more studios to 20 studios, with studios open now in ACT and NSW.